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Declutter your inbox, Declutter your mind.

Not all e-mails are created equal.
Let Filtr help you get your inbox sorted.

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Benefits of a decluttered inbox

  • More focused work

    Don't let e-mails get in the way of productivity. Research shows that major interruptions take up to 23 minutes to get back to work.

  • Work smarter, not harder

    Devote your precious time to those e-mails that require your full attention, and leave the rest for later in the day or week.

  • No more e-mail anxiety

    Relax, there's no need to keep looking constantly at your inbox.
    Filtr will manage when you receive e-mails so you can keep your peace of mind.

What does Dan Ariely say about productivity?

Author of Predictably Irrational

"Đ•mail is both a curse and a blessing"

How do I use Filtr?

Easy e-mail prioritization
With one tap, choose when you want to see e-mails by sender
Focus on important e-mails
Improve productivity by saving time on interruptions
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Automate your inbox
Let Filtr know your preferences, so the app does all the heavy lifting
Filtr caters to your needs
All in one place, feel free to adjust when you see your e-mails